Okay, so with the sheer abundance of bad endings and negativity from me off late, lets take a step back and have a happy moment, shall we?

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This was a game that took me FOREVER to finally play.

Now the Uncharted series had, so far, 3 happy endings. So when for came along… I was petrified of it. I thought there was no way the forth game would end well for drake. and what’s more considering the end of 3 I thought the plot was going to be around his wife being kidnapped and Drake being forced to find a treasure.

This prompted me to look up the ending on Wikipedia before purchasing. Something I feel I’m gonna have to do more often if I desire to keep my sanity.

I read that it’s got a happy ending, and even though I buy it is still don’t play it due to my belief about the kidnap plot. I’ve seen that plot use too many times, it’s just not interesting anymore.

So, roll on to last week <= heh, Wheelchair Pun.

Despondent with Far Cry 5 and bored I finally say screw it, and put Uncharted 4.now at this point i’d like to add that one of the other reasons I was so apprehensive about playing it, is Uncharted 3’s shooting system sucked balls. you could have a enemy standing stock still, you gun reticule directly on them, pull the trigger… and still miss. It was annoying.


I was dead wrong, on all accounted. Not kidnap plot, no dodgy shooting controls, and the ending was better than I hoped. Oh god, did I need that cathartic release. Happy endings all round, and a great send off to Nathan Drake. This is what games should be.

Now, in case you think I’m saying games shouldn’t have a downer ending. I’m not. there are games like Infamous 2 that have a downer ending but I still like it, and that’s not the only example. I understand there is a market for downer or bad endings, but I just think they should be the exception, not the rule. There’s a reason I feared Uncharted 4 for so long. there’s a reason Is despise Mass Effect 3 so much.

Sad endings can work, but they need to be done right. Telling the player that everything they’ve done is meaningless and having the bad guy win, is not the way to do it. It shows you done care about the player, and when you don’t care about the player, the player asked why they should care about you.

And the conclusion always ends up being: They shouldn’t, and they take their money elsewhere.


Ending Rant 3: Rant with a Vengance. (Far Cry 3 & 5 Spoilers)

Okay, so basic catch up, was away over xmas so I couldn’t post, and the start of 2018 kicked my arse so hard I had to briefly go back into therapy (not joking.) So that’s why I stopped posting regularly. And no, I haven’t seen The Good doctor past episode 6.


Far Cry 5…

I with I didn’t have to write this, I really do. I liked Far Cry 3. It was fun. I skipped Far Cry 4, cause it didn’t seem interesting to me, and from everything I read and saw about the game I was right to do so.

Far Cry 5 I was on the fence about. It looked interesting as it was on US soil and dealt with an cult. Then I found out it was customisable characters and I thought, fuck it. Yes character creation can sway a game for me.

So I’m playing the game and all sorts of bad shit happens to my character. gets captured the EXACT SAME WAY… TWICE! Forcibly tattooed… etc etc. and a light went off in my head. “Let’s check out the ending, cause I have a bad feeling about all this.”

If I could get a refund for the game, I would. What makes it worse is that I was dumb enough to fork out of the gold edition that included the season pass.



Far Cry 4 had 3 ending, two main 2, which both sucks, and a joke ending, WHICH WAS LITERALLY THE ONLY GOOD ENDING.


Good Ending: Everyone dies and you end up in a bunker at the mercy of the guy you’ve been trying to kill… THAT’S MEANT TO BE THE GOOD ENDING!?

Bad Ending: During the game you character is apparently brainwashed (not reached that part), the bad ending is the brainwashing gets activated and you kill all your friends.

Third “Joke” Ending: You walk away and go to contract the National Guard.


Fuck me is a happy ending so much to ask for? I know I’ve asked that question before but it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

When did it become a thing that games can’t have happy endings? This seems most prevalent in FPS’s and it’s frankly sickening and tiresome.

I play games to escape, finding out everything I do is pointless… I don’t need games to tell me that. My depression tells me that everyday. That’s why I need a happy end.

So thanks Ubisoft, thanks for fucking things up again. Guess now I know not to bother with your games, cause why should I care about your characters, if you don’t seem to give a shit about them.

The Good Doctor – Episode 6


I REALLY didn’t want to watch this one. I kept putting it off, but I don’t want to get behind as if I do I’ll stop watching completely. If I do stop watching I want it to be through the show itself not because of my apathy.

Okay, let’s do this.



Again, really good start, even asshat didn’t ruin the scene, the moment of silence before Shaun issued the orders my heart was in my throat on the chance he’d seize up.

I don’t think the show will ever redeem asshat for me, but please, PLEASE make him at least tolerable this episode. It looks like he’s going to be a main focus so it would be nice to have at least a watchable episode. Especially since the last one was actually good.

2nd break just started. Those parents are annoying the fuck out of me. Don’t get me wrong I understand the fear of losing someone and the desire to avoid it. But there’s willing to lop off his leg over a 1 in 10 chance. If I was that patient I would take the chance, and I would hope those close to me would know that I would too.

Also, she reveals he’s an addict, so they suddenly reveal he cheated. WOW, they’ll really do anything to get their way won’t they.

Break ended.

Good catch by the female doctor, drilling into someone’s head however… after I stopped cringing at the sound all I could think of was Star Trek 5.

THANK YOU! God if those parents got their way I’d have been pissed

Metal bone, guess he’ll be nicknamed the Wolverine. (Which honestly would be badass)

Final break. Oh come on! can’t we have one episode where everyone gets a win? I’m actually enjoying this episode even with asshat in the forefront.

Break ended

I’m guessing when she drilled the skull she went in too far and damaged the brain. Damn shame if she did.

I’m glad I was wrong, but messing up an incubation… that’s gonna stay with her, could even end her career if she can’t come to terms with it. Again I’m reminded of Scrubs and the episode they did on the subject of a doctor accidently killing someone. I will say that it’s done exceptionally well here.



Well I said we needed more like last episode, and we did. It was another good episode. Looks like the show is shifting into it’s groove. I still think Freddie Highmore NEEDS an award for portraying Shaun, if he doesn’t get one it’ll be a damn travesty. Is this the new best episode? No. It had more heart than episode 5, but I enjoyed episode 5 more. Its a strong 2nd best though.

The Good Doctor – Episode 5

*Before Viewing*

Not much to say this time. I’ve seen people praise the show and can only conclude they’re either praising it based SOLEY on the fact that Shaun is autistic. The “He’s not the standard protagonist” argument, which is a crock of shit argument in my opinion. Or they’ve been watching a different show to me, cause very little of the show so far has deserved praise.


*During Viewing*

and again, the scene with Shaun and asshat, made me want to punch asshat. But the scene with Shaun and the kid that looks like his brother, was really good. Seriously how the actor prepare for this role.

I paused the episode and looked him up, Freddie Highmore, HE WAS CHARLIE IN THE GODAWFUL TIM BURTON CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!? Holy hell!

FINALLY! Fucking finally, someone is FINALLY informed that Shaun has autism. Seriously, just explaining it would defuse SOOOOOOO many situations. One of the premier questions I am asked is: “Why are you in a wheelchair.” and answering actually opens up talking point and pretty much lets people how to talk to me without offense.

So if I am told “I/they have autism.” I personally know to slow myself down and think, and not be a massive sarcastic twat like I normally am.

That’s why he wasn’t there asshat, he was being a doctor. unlike you, you unethical fuck!

Ahh, parents hiding diagnosis from their child. the back bone of any trusting child/parent relationship #sarcasm

Have to admit, I don’t think I could lie to a person about something like that. Though I do understand the doctors need to. Sometimes the truth can be absolutely crushing.

The “patient knows what their parents are trying to hide from them” plot point has been used before, a lot, so I’m not going to mark the episode down for using it.

I really like the kid, he’s in the show regularly as Shaun’s brother in flashbacks. But putting him as patient letting him act alongside the main cast was a smart move. He’s quite good for a child actor.

This show needs to get rid of asshat. Seriously. When ever he’s not on screen and it’s the other characters dealing with the patients it’s a decent, watchable show.

Shaun exclaiming “Even doesn’t have cancer!” to an empty room. I don’t know why it was funny, but it was.

Oh god, it’s asshat again.

“But it means telling the parents of a dying child that they’re hope.” Bitch you do not get to play that card after last episode. You do not get to revoke the chance of life after wanting to abort a child WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT OF THE MOTHER!


Okay, Shaun want to be unethical himself and perform a test without the parents consent. I’m a tad torn now. On one hand it for a simple test that doesn’t put anyone at risk and could in fact save a life. On the other hand it’s still an ethics violation. I rail on asshat’s decision because it’s not a simple thing. I’m all for pro choice, but that’s the rub. it’s CHOICE. He wanted to abort the child without telling the mother or getting her consent. Had it been a snap judgment choose now or they both die, I could understand. But it wasn’t he actively wanted to sedate her and once she was under, abort the baby. that’s disgusting.

I may seem like a hypocrite but I’m okay with Shaun’s actions solely because his actions place no one in danger and could in fact save a life. Although, I think they should have went to the parents first, have them deny permission, then go over their heads.

So the parents found out, and the fathers first inclination was to assault the doctor. Parents of the fucking year ladies and gentlemen. Telling him to get out. fine, I get it, you’re angry, but manhandling him? Hell no.

That was too big! That cyst was far too big, dude is gonna have a massive gap in has brain now.

And another bittersweet but at least heartfelt ending.


*After Viewing*

Okay, this here, is the best episode of the show so far. It was good, even with the giant cyst and bittersweet ending. It was a good watch, we need more of this, with even less of asshat.

I was considering stopping watching, but I’ll keep going because of this episode.

The Good Doctor – Episode 4

*Before Viewing*

I’d say I had high hopes for this episode because of last week… but that would be untrue. You might ask why I’m still watching it… boredom and curiosity mainly.

*During Viewing*

Just noticed the neighbour is using a 3rd party controller… who plays uncharted with a 3rd party controller? That kinda bugs me.

See these bits where he’s being massively autistic I really like. I’d love to ask the actor how he researched for the role.

“Why are you defending him? You’re all after the same spot.” Its called teamwork asshat, you don’t slit the throat of you ally just because its a competition. RETARD!

Okay, had to pause it.

I’ve seen hospital shows deal with the “surgeon success rates” thing before, most obvious in my mind is Scrubs, they briefly dabbled in it. Honestly, I hate the idea. I hate the thought that people will actually refuse to operate on a patient because if they die, it’ll hurt they’re success percentage. I mean fuck the patient right? Who cares about them it’s all about the win rate… I know their more to it than that, but it’s the only way I can seem to look at it, and it gets to me. The main issue here is that I already dislike these people, I don’t call them retards as a term of endearment, I do outright hate them, so them talking about playing with lives via success rates is in no way helping.

Okay, I’m not autistic, but missing my stop on the bus freaks me the fuck out so I can only imagine how freaked he would feel.

Asshat wanted to terminate the baby without the mothers knowledge or consent… WHAT THE FUCK!

House Moment!

Taking him out drinking, that is not going to end well.

*After Viewing*

Was nice to see Shaun actually get more time with a patient. For once it wasn’t minimal contact. Teaming him up with the lass that actually tries to figure him out continues to be a wise move. And the chief surgeon seems to not want to be a complete dick. In other words, he was partnered with people who know he’s got massive social issues and are trying to cope with them, and it worked.

Meanwhile in the other plot, asshat was a fucking unethical retard… okay, deep breaths. I know the show needs some type of antagonist, but asshat is not that character. It doesn’t help that this is from the makers of House, a show that could not do antagonists to save its life.

On a whole that episode was… average, not as good as last week, but not as bad as the other 2 episodes. Keep Shaun away from asshat and the show coasts. When they talk, it sucks.

Space Team by Barry J Hutchison

So a while ago I got 3 months of audible free. So after a lot of hunting I bought 3 audiobooks. NPC’s by Drew Hayes, The Man of Legends by Kenneth Johnson, and Space Team by Barry J Hutchison.

I decided, after a while, to listen to Space Team first.

Oh my god the book is amazing! Seriously, I just finished it and I loved it. It’s my first audiobook, I’ve always had trouble focusing on books so I thought I’d give listening to audiobooks a try. I declare this experiment a resounding success.

I realised half way through as the why. I thought that I preferred a visual medium but seems I just prefer a verbal one. Something about the written word doesn’t hold my attention but being told a story with voices and expressive characters just suck me in. I love it.

But anyway, the book. It’s got a very Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy feel to the humour and it works really well. The main character Cal Carver is a wise cracking smart arse he’s got a very American car salesman vibe to him, but in a good way. His crew mates are amazing. A werewolf that talks like a valley girl, a cyborg that can adjust his strength and intelligence sacrificing one for the other when needed. A military officer pilot, and a ball of goo. Each with their own skills and personality, and each hilarious in there own way.

I HIGHLY recommend this book if you like a nice bit of sci-fi and some good humour. I’m looking forward to listening to the other books in the series now, cause I enjoyed the hell out of the book.

The Good Doctor – Episode 3

*Starts the episode* This one is gonna hurt isn’t it?

*During viewing*
Oh wow, that’s Tim Russ. Even if it’s guess spots or bit parts I’m always happy to see actors I know and like get roles.

“This is better than having a baby in my car.” Okay, that bit was funny. In fact, that entire small scene was really good. I like how the police officer isn’t questioning or fighting. They needed ice, he stopped to get it. They need to stop to operate on the organ, he stops there and then to let them. This is far beyond the normal TV show trope, where the officer would be belligerent and just wanted to get the assignment over with, it’s pretty refreshing.

*After viewing*

Let it not be said that I am not fair, this episode… was okay. It was doing really well until the bitter sweet ending.

However I’d like to point out why I thought the episode worked. Shaun was utterly removed from the rest of the cast and pair with the second most sympathetic character toward him. So he was with someone who was willing to cope with him and try to figure him out. while all the other retards were back at the hospital killing patients. Shaun again had MINIMAL contact with pretty much anyone in the episode. Let’s go over them shall we.

His neighbour: I’m pretty sure she was trying to flirt a little, I’m fine with that, it’s more unfortunate that Shaun was his normal blunt self, kinda felt sorry for her but they ended the episode in a friendly way.

The Female doctor: Honestly, don’t know her name, she’s the only person that actively trying to understand Shaun. Her working with Shaun isn’t a bad dynamic.

The cop: They was very little interaction between the too… however, I point to me previous statement about the cop during the viewing itself. I liked the guy, it was really understanding and not like what that roll normally has.

The ambulance driver: 1 line of dialogue. that’s it.

the Hospital head: Minimal contact when not in flashback.

And that’s it.

The other plots, they were standard hospital TV show fair to be honest. We got a glimpse for a show without Shaun and it was… bland.

Am I still fixed in my thoughts that everyone’s a retard? Oh yes, but if this episode showed anything, it’s that it’s retardation through bigotry. Remove the focus of the bigotry, I.E. Shaun, and everyone else seemed to calm down.

So in summery, that episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. and that makes it the best episode so far.

The Good Doctor – Episode 2


Honestly, writing this and I’m so fucking angry.

I said before the everyone at the hospital was retarded. That is now FIRMLY cemented in my mind. Nothing will convince me otherwise. They were told that removing a kidney would allow for better access to a tumour. But weren’t going to do it because it was a healthy kidney.


Lets work this out.

Life expectancy of patient with a tumour: 6 weeks, 3 month tops (as stated in the show).
Life expectancy of patient without tumour but only 1 kidney: A LOT LONGER THAN 3 MONTHS!

Now lets do the math…

Yeah, I’d gladly forgo a kidney to save me from fucking cancer! And judging by the patients response at the end of the episode I don’t think she minded it either!

Fucking retards, the lot of them.

And again, I’d like to point out THAT case was solved through MINIMAL contact by the main character.

The second case… well had it not been for the main character. his boss, and a nurse would have been responsible for killing a little girl. So yeah, retards.

Why ‘The Good Doctor’ did not make a good impression.

Okay, so The Good Doctor is from the makers of House. honestly, give him a cane and a limp and it would be the same show. That’s not what made the bad impression though.

It Scrub, there is an episode where Dr Cox finds out his friends child is autistic. It takes him 1 meeting to suspect, and 1 more to confirm.

Now in the Good Doctor, there are at least 4 medical personnel that meet the main character who isn’t so much as displaying signs of autism as wearing a neon neck chain reading “autistic 4 life”. and NONE OF THEM identify it. One only referring to him as “weird”.

The ONLY reason this show could support itself is by making most of the supporting cast completely retarded and/or bigoted.

Hell the only reason they hire him at the end of the episode is that the guy vouching for him said if he messes up, he’s fired. The problem with that? Well, like House he had MINIMAL contact with the patient he saved. He performed a procedure on him at the start cause the other doctor was a retard, and after that ALL his input was external with the other doctors trying it and finding out that his suggestions were the correct ones. Christ there was even a ‘House moment’ in the episode… write what you know I guess. But as I said, he had minimal contact.

The only way he could kill someone under that model is if the hospital didn’t give him all necessary information and he told them to use a medication that the patient was allergic too. That still could happen however, as I said all the doctors are retarded and/or bigoted.

I doubt this show will be as popular as House. It’s House without Hugh Laurie’s charisma. and at least House was an arsehole applying his will to a group, and not a group of arseholes trying to get rid of a disabled person.

Smurfs: The Lost Village – A suprisingly good film.

The title lays it bare really. Smurfs and Smurfs 2 were god awful pieces of shit. I, like most people, put this down to bring them into the “real world”. Off the top of my head the only movie I knew where that worked was Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.

However, I always said that the Smurfs COULD work as a movie is they stayed in their own world and was fully CG. Hell they even had a really good story idea in Smurfs 2 with Smurfette’s origin.

Well low and behold, Lost Village, fully CG movie that deals with Smurfette’s origin, and it was good.

Honestly genuinely impressed me that they just made a fun movie, they didn’t even ham fist a message into it.,(save for one line at the VERY end), but as eye rolling as that was I’ll let it slide cause it does kind of work in world.

All in all, I had a low expectation of the movie, I saw the trailer and honestly, wrote it off. I only bought it cause it was cheap and I was curious, glad to see that in this case, I was wrong.