LEGO Get your shit together.

Okay, so LEGO just rolled out its latest model a “stay-at-home” dad. What the fuck LEGO. Now I’m a big kid at heart I love LEGO, it’s fun, it’s imaginative, and here’s the kicker: there’s no limit to it. This is something, along with vicarious living that many people just don’t seem to understand. Now, I would add images to my examples, but frankly I can’t be bothered to set everything up to actually take the pictures so please bare with me.

Example 1: Oh look I have a mini figure of Emmet from the LEGO Movie… now Emmet is a stay-at-home father. Now he’s back at the construction site. Now he’s stolen Benny’s space helmet and is prancing around while Benny is in a spaceship induced psychotropic trip.

Example 2: Here’s a mini figure of Darth Malgus from Star Wars: The Old Republic… Now he’s a stay-at-home father teaching his child the ways of the dark side so when he’s older the two can conquer the universe.

Example 3: A mini figure of Homer Simpson, and guess what, in this LEGO episode he’s giving being a stay-at-home father a try. No doubt hi-jinx will ensue.

You see what I’m getting at? If the person playing with the LEGO’s wants a stay-at-home father then ANY mini figure can be one. You don’t need to pander to some retard who doesn’t have the imagination to know that mini figures can my ANYTHING you want them to be.

I even said something similar when they announced the disabled mini figure, it’s fucking stupid. Try this LEGO, a free idea:

LEGO Hospital, featuring wheelchairs, hospital equipment, even special mini figures with detachable/buildable arms and legs. You get to shut up the retards by having disabled mini figures. But the correct context to have them so it doesn’t look like you’re being force to push “equality”. And I use “” because I’m a sane person who doesn’t need to be pandered to. I don’t need to see a person in a wheelchair in a source of entertainment to identify with a character.

And in case I need to put it bluntly. If you need a character it be exactly like you to identify with them. You are a goddamn retard that needs to re-evaluate you’re existence, because IT IS FLAWED.

[Side Note] Is it me or does the stay-at-home dad look like George Lucas?


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