Modders and Devs


Let me make things clear right off the bat. I LOVE Mods. Pictured above is my current Fallout 4 character, Jasmine, on the left, and Piper on the right. Yes Piper’s in a 111 suit, shut up, she rocks it. Without mods I wouldn’t be playing F4 or have gotten as much fun out of Fallout 3, New Vegas, or Skyrim. Bethesda games pretty much require modding. Whether it’s the fix the god awful programming so you can actually PLAY the damn games, or just to add something to the game that should have already been there.

HOWEVER, This is my opinion is also a problem. Games like the Fallout series, Skyrim, and X-Com 2 where build with modders in mind. Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and Skyrim, have all had the exact same crashing issues for me, with Fallout 3 and Skyrim saved by modders (New Vegas can be added to the list but it’s technically not a Bethesda game, just their god awful engine). These issues, that were fixed by highly downloaded mod(s), were never fixed by the Devs it was modders.

I honestly can’t help but feel that some devs looked at the issue and said “oh look a modder has solved the issue” and then just abandoned it. I’m not kidding when I say I cannot play Bethesda games without mods. Not because I can’t play the “vanilla” version, but because without certain mods, the games WILL NOT RUN.

Couple this was complaints I have with games like X-Com 2. The original game had a “Second Wave” mode that let to mix things up on subsequent playthroughs. But that ability is missing in X-Com 2, and is said to be because the game is designing for ease of modding so the modders can make the changes they want. So, if that is to believed, the devs pretty much went “fuck it, we’ll let the modders to it for us.”

Day one patches, games sliced into chunks to be sold off piece by piece, now it seems like we have devs looking to modders to finish there’s damn games.

I love mods, I really do. but they should be used to add to a finished game, not repair a broken one.

[Edit] Because I can I’m posting a couple more screen shots of modded comps, mainly to show that really do love mods.


Curie, looking gorgeous.



And of course, the Great God Amaterasu, armoured up and ready to return life to the wasteland


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