Well that breaks emersion.

So I just started playing the Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbour. I went through the start of it yesterday but I decided to load up a previous save and really dig into it. So I go through the opening and get a couple of side missions. But instead of heading for the main mission I decided to wander for a little bit and do the side missions first while exploring a little.

I reach the location of the first side mission and complete it. I’m just about the head to the second when I’m notified that one of my settlements back in the Commonwealth is under attack.

The fuck?

Going to Far Harbour doesn’t pause the attacks on the Commonwealth? Are you kidding me? So the game is telling me I now have to worry about having to travel back to the Commonwealth while I’m depopulating Far Harbour of nasty’s? And if Far Harbour has settlements then no doubt I’ll have to worth about them while I’m smiting evil in the Commonwealth.

Are you kidding me?

Don’t you realise how emersion breaking that is? “Hmm, I have to get this item to help these people… oh wait, no a settlement’s under attack, I have to take a boat back, then travel to help them, then come all the way back, and go to the nearest fast travel location before resuming the search for the item.

You can’t even leave the settlement to it’s own devices either since no matter how many defences you set up, unless you personally travel to defend it, then it’ll be raided. Making even the attempt at building a defence largely pointless.

Especially since my normal tactic is to wall the settlement off, but the enemies have a habit of spawning INSIDE the settlement, in a move I can only describe as dumb.

The kicker to all this, I can’t even use mods to solve these issues yet. The only settlement attack mod completely turns the attacks off, and has some bugs. I don’t want them completely turned off. what I’d really like is a toggle ability so I could shut them off if I just want to explore or not have to worry about one area while I’m in another. The enemy spawn issue, has the same problem. The only mod for it seems a tad buggy.

Fortunately with the release of the Fallout 4 G.E.C.K, I’m hoping that we get some of the better mods, ones that with solve these issues since the old modding program was good for what it was, but its certainly no G.E.C.K


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