Fix your god damn search engine YouTube!

So I just found out there’s a trailer for a new Five Nights at Freddy’s game.

Here’s my TL;DR about Five Nights at Freddy’s:

I’d never play the games as I hate jump scare based entertainment. However, I enjoy watching it being played and dissected and I think the lore of the games is amazing. So, even though I don’t like the game aspect, I always look forward to hearing the theories about the story.

So, when I found out about the trailer my first thought was: “I have to see this!” meaning I loaded up YouTube and move to the search bar. I knew it was called Sister Location, so I started there.

Typing in: sister location, fnaf sister location, sister location trailer, fnaf sister location trailer. All just graced me with page after page of reactions, not the actual video. And no way I’m giving those thieving cunts any clicks. I want the ACTUAL video.

So I moved to google and typed: sister location trailer. BOOM straight away, Scott Chawthon’s YouTube channel Sister location trailer. The video is called: Sister Location Trailer 1.

But… I searched for Sister Location Trailer. So why was it not in the search listing? So I ran an experiment, and search for Sister Location Trailer 1, the EXACT name of the video. Still only got reactions. And that was sorted by relevance.

Sister Location Trailer 1 has 1.3 MILLION views, but searching for the EXACT name of the video fails to give my that video instead giving me a load of reaction videos. If you ever wondered why people hate reaction channels, it’s bullshit like this. The actual trailer has been buried beneath a slew for reaction channels a chuck of which will have no doubt stolen the video completely.

Its easy to blame the reaction channels for this, they’re the ones that are making the godawful content, but in my opinion this is another issue with YouTube itself. The search algorithm’s need to be looked at to prevent videos from being buried like this. While I doubt it’s ever happen for a big movie or video game. It’s another instance where it’s the little guy that could be hurt the most, and it’s that guy that needs to be helped.


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