Rambling about Fallout 4: Far Harbour

Gonna try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

So Fallout 3 have 5 DLC’s, in order from my personal best to worst they were:

Mothership Zeta
Operation: Anchorage
The Pitt

Broken Steel
Point Lookout

Zeta I loved because it was a vastly different local to what we had before, new enemies, and at the end there was a pretty unique space battle and you got your own ship. (though I was disappointed that nothing really happened with it afterwards)

Anchorage, was like a game within the game, and at the end you got the stealth suit. which for a stealth gamer like myself was a godsend.

The Pitt made me have to make one of the hardest moral choices I’ve had to make in a game. I hate slavery absolutely loathe it. Nothing was more satisfying to me than depopulating Paradise Falls, or grinding Caesar’s Legion into dust. But taking a baby from it’s parent to be little more than a lab rat? I avoided that DLC for so long just so I didn’t have to make that choice.

Steel fixed the godawful ending.

Which brings me to Point Lookout.

Lookout was the worst of the DLC’s for me, it was bland and boring. It was the only one that added a large wholly explorable area. But it didn’t really do anything with it. On top of that that main quest had you get part of your brain removed which just never sat right with me. Even if the drug trip that occurred around it was cool. It seemed just an excuse to do “Fallout: Deep South”

The Reason why I mention this is that Far Harbour feels a lot like Point Lookout. It has a large, wholly explorable area, that you travel to by boat and go there because you’re searching for someone. Thankfully, that’s just about where the main similarities end. Harbour has a large number of new varied characters, the plot has some good twists, and even asks a couple of interesting questions. Lookout’s world felt empty, but Harbour’s feels to opposite. It has 3 major settlements and a handful of workshop settlements to keep you there wandering. (Even if you are routinely pulled back to protect the Commonwealth settlements.)

I did enjoy it, even though I was forced to make a moral choice I was unhappy with (it was the lesser of the evils I could choose). Certainly better that Point Lookout, almost a “<this thing> done right” scenario. Be interesting to see what they do with the other DLC’s.




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