The “I’m British therefore legally obliged to talk about the referendum” post.

I’m not calling it Brexit, fuck off.

I voted leave, I’m not hiding it. I do not trust the EU and think we should stand on our own, even if it fails it is something we must try. I’m not against immigration, as is can bring in skills set and labour into the country. Though I would like to see a reduction in illegal immigration.

That out the way I want to tell a story.

Before the referendum I was proud to be British. I saw the British people as better, not superior, just better. Best example of this is Black Friday, when I saw they were trying to bring it over here. I thought “there’s no way it’s catch on, we’re not the type of people who trample each other for a sale.”

Yeah, my vision of the British people took a hit that year. But was partially reclaimed the year after when it seemed like we had seen ourselves the year before and declared: “never again.” like we collectively decided that 20% off wasn’t worth our dignity.

So, when the referendum rolled around I cast my vote by post, ignoring most of the campaigns cause political campaigns are always bullshit. And the day after voting day I woke up to find leave won. Didn’t expect it, but I was happy.

Now, I expected Britain, as a nation, to say: “Okay, we’re leaving the EU lets roll up our sleeves and make sure we show the world that Britain is deserving of the title: Great!” I expected the remain camp to be sore, but hey, we’re British, if something doesn’t go our way, we take it on the chin, stiffen our lips and roll on.

48 hours after vote, I no longer though the British people were better.
48 hours after the vote, I was ashamed to ever say that they were.

In the 48 to 72 hour after the referendum I saw NOTHING but whining petulant little bitches who were so butthurt that people not only voted contrary to their opinions, but in fact there was more of that side than theirs.

In the past few days my facebook feed has been filled with whining cunts preaching messages of doom and calling anyone who voted to leave an idiot, a racist, etc etc.

I’ve seen people whose opinion’s I (somewhat) trust, spout absolute bullshit, giving no rational comments just baseless doom saying.

This vote has brought out the worst in the British people. And the reaction to the result has outright killed my vision of them.

You might think it was an idealistic view. But I don’t care, it was a view I had that made me proud to be British. I was British, I was a member of a people who took adversity in it stride. Who even at their lowest would still offer a guest a cup of tea, because it was the polite thing to do.

All I have to say now is: thank you remain camp. Thank you for killing my perception that the people of Britain were truly deserving of the word great. You’re behaviour have woken me up. The British people are just another bunch of whining self entitled cunts who throw their toys out the pram if they don’t get their own way.

Well. Fucking. Done.


Weird thing I do with theming

I love theming, especially when it comes to custom objects in games. Best example, in Fallout 4 I always give Piper a weapon named something that suits her character. Names like, The First amendment, Freedom of the Pass, Press Pass, that sort of thing. It cheesy as fuck, but I love it.

I’m on my… 3rd play through of Fallout 4 now. and instead of turning the drive in into a settlement I’ve turned it into my own private mansion.


The plan is to use it as my private base, house my companions, and have robots run the day to day. So once I unlocked the robot workbench I set about creating my robo-workforce starting with 3 Mr Handy’s to do the farming.

Then my brain decided that these three Mr Handy’s HAD to be named and coloured to represent the chipmunks, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. I’m not a fan of the old shows, and I hate the current spree of movies. Why the hell am I naming them that.

The robo guards, which will be 3 Assaultrons once I get the right parts, are planned to be named and colour coded to Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls. While it’s not the first time (they were provisioner’s on my last playthrough), it’s something I just had to do again for some reason.

Worst part, once I get the place full built and have the shops open I’m trying to work out the names of my shop keepers. I instantly jumped to the Ninja Turtles, but I don’t think that would work. since there’s 6 shops and only 4 turtles, and adding splinter and such just complicates matters. Hmm, maybe the original 6 Power Rangers… You see, this is what my brain is like sometimes.

This is me after finally watching The Book of Life.

So many years ago I heard about an animation called The Book of Life. It looked bright and colourful, though not the sort of thing I’d watch in the cinema.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago I was in the mood to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 again, and before the movie started there was a trailer for The Book of Life, and I remembered that it look good, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it.

Today… well technically yesterday, I was out shopping and I saw the movie for £3, instantly I snapped it up.

Oh boy, I’m glad I did, I’m ashamed it took me so long to see this movie, it was AMAZING!

Normally if I buy a DVD it’ll sit in a ‘to be watched’ pile for a very long time. This time though I decided to watch it same day I bought it, a rarity for me.

I really don’t want to talk about the plot, it’s good, but it’s more that atmosphere that grabbed me, the colours, the music, the art style, even the framing device just grabbed me pretty much straight away. It was energetic, emotional, and SO much fun to watch.

Movie’s like this are why I love animation so much.

The bit that really caught me off guard was when one of the three leads, a Matador, starts singing. now you’d think since this a tale of Mexico that he’d sing some Mexican folk music or something… NO he starts singing Creep by Radiohead! It blew my mind! Most of the sung music was contemporary songs and it was amazing!

I’m a fan of Guillermo Del Toro, he produced the movie. While he didn’t direct it, his trademark are all over this movie. But to be honest that just makes it more awesome to me.

If you haven’t seen this film, please check it out. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but I do think the movie should get some love. It should be remembered.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (Spoilers Aplenty)

Okay, I have to get this off my chest now or I’ll lose my mind and start yelling at someone I care about.

I like most of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, (shortened here on in as MEC.) it evoked the feel and fun of the original but on a grander scale, it was fun.

Until that goddamn piece of shit end game. And I’m not even talking about the ending, we’ll get to that. No I’m talking about turning Faith’s sister into a fucking villain!

In the first game Faith’s entire reason for doing what she did was to prove her sisters innocence. She loved her sister and didn’t want to see her hurt, or worse, killed.

In MEC see thought she was dead and it turns out the daughter of the antagonist is in fact, her sister. WHAT THE FUCK!

No seriously, I can’t get over this, it pisses me off to no end. I love the game, except for everything after that moment. Not only did I see in coming a mile off. but both Faith’s and Cat’s reaction to discovered that each other is alive after thinking they were dead is almost none existent.

Then that ending hits and the two finally get a confrontation and… it’s as cliché as they come. Cat’s end up flying away and become HEAD OF THE CORPERATION THAT FAITH IS FIGHTING AGAINST!

They literally took the story of two loving sisters on opposite ends of the law, who would STILL do anything to protect one another, shat on it, and made them enemies!

It pains me, just outright HURTS me to think of that ending because of how much I love the original. If I ever want to pick up MEC again and run some more. (Something I can’t do in real life, thank you vicarious living hahaha.) I’m going to have to try and come to terms with that ending, but I’m not sure if I can. I was fine with every other change the game threw at me. I liked Plastic, Icarus was a dick at first (and I thought he was going to turn out to be a double agent of some sort.) but he did win me over in the end. But Cat as a villain… I can’t buy that. Especially due to her role in the first game, why couldn’t we have the Conner’s sisters kicking ass together. Was it really too much to ask?

Souring games, part 2

So a month ago I talked about what made me leave a game, what made me stop playing a game outright. Today I’m going to visit something close to that. What can spoil a game for me. Not to the point of stopping playing, but things that make me say. “It was good, but…”

Now any games can have glitches or bugs that sour the experience one way or another. Maybe the difficulty curve was too high. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about deliberate design choices made in the conception of the game that automatically step back and ask: Why?

The biggest for me, without a doubt. Silent Protagonists. Oh boy, this one has been building a while for me. I HATE silent protagonists. and yes I’m going to use a very beloved franchise as an example. Half-Life 2.

Now, preface time. There are times when a silent protagonist (written from now one as SP for brevity) works. Doom, it works, Metroid it works. Portal, it works, games where the main character does not have to interact with other living beings, it works. Heck, technically it works in the first Half-Life. My two favourite games of all time Suikoden and Suikoden 2 are technically SP’s and I love those games.


Then we get onto games with a heavy narrative like the example Half-Life 2. Gordon Freeman is Half-Life 2 is a floating camera with arms, that’s it. There is no emotion in him what so ever, and when stuff is happening all around him and he doesn’t say anything. It zips you out the moment so fast you get goddamn whiplash. NPC’s react to him and events around him but Gordon does his best statue impression and does nothing. The player could want to scream at and NPC to warn them. Gordon simply stands there and watches them get eaten by a headcrab. Well done Gordon, good job you’re not a medical doctor cause that Hippocratic oath would be out the window.

SP’s are the bane of my gaming experience. If it stated that the character is mute like at the end of Portal 2. I’m fine with it. I even let GTA 3 of the hook for 2 reasons. 1 in GTA:SA it’s stated that the character is mute. and 2: in the opening of GTA 3 it looks to me at the time like his was shot in the throat which could have damaged his vocal chords.

But there are so many games out there with SP’s that just kill the experience for me. No witty come backs, no one liners, no “what the hell are you talking about fruitcake?” moments. When the character is an SP they just seem to drift through the world, reacting to it without emotions. Imagine you were watching a movie with a character like that. It’d be like watching a Ben Affleck movie… I kid, I kid, even SP’s aren’t wooden.

I’m not going to say we should get rid of SP’s, like I said earlier, they have their uses for certain games. This is just me venting. We’ve already seen a reduction in SP’s in narrative driven games. But it still bugs the crap out of me when one shows up.

The Flash – Season 2

I love The Flash. he’s DC’s version of Spider-Man. He’s a wising cracking positivity machine is red, just without the power and responsibility thing being forced down your through every 5 minutes.

In the Justice League Cartoon and Justice League Unlimited, while I felt he was underused he still got is share of amazing badass moments. Fighting Justice Lord Superman, ripping Brainiac out of Lex Luthor. Just about the entirety of the episode Flash and Substance. While I’ve read very little of The Flash comic wise, his TV appearance cemented him as an amazing character and hero to me.

So, when it was announced he was getting his own live action show I was genuinely excited. When I found out they were going to Barry Allen as the Flash not Wally West. You know what, I didn’t might. Flash is a legacy hero. While most of my exposure has been Wally West, I was more than willing to give another character a chance to show what the speedster can do.

The first episode aired: Baring a couple of dumb moment and my initial dislike of how the actor looking in the suit. As a whole I liked it.

The first season: Really good, a couple of hiccups here and there but it was a good season… but it ended on a cliff-hanger. I’ve talked before about how much I hate cliff-hanger endings. It’s like seeing a really nice cake. Not perfect, but very good. Only to see that someone pushed they face into it. It’s still edible, but it’s quality has been undeniably tainted.

The season 2 rolled around. Season 2 had some great ideas, like introducing the multiverse, Earth Two, etc. Potential unbound. However, in season 2 we got Zoom, Reverse Flash, Jay Garret, Wally West, Jesse Quick, and who I think was meant to be a version of Lady Flash, in the same season. While West and Quick weren’t speedsters it did give the impression that they were throwing everything and anything at the screen just to say: “look look, they were in the comics! We have them too!” Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many Flashes ruin the Speed Force.

Then… oh boy… then we got “time remnants” What is a essentially a get out of jail free card for the show in terms of character death, something that they use unabashedly this season. Without explaining how that paradox worked, just hand waving it away.

And then the ending oh god, the ending. It’s a cliff-hanger. No, I don’t care they knew they were getting a new season. cliff-hangers are the scum of media since 90% of the time a cliff-hanger will be used without any idea how to resolve it. The ending itself seems to show that they are going to do The Flashpoint Paradox. I never read the FP comic but did see the amazing animated movie version, something I highly recommend people check out.

However! I honestly don’t think it can be done without bringing in other heroes. What made FP so engaging (at least to me) was seeing how other fates as well as Barry’s had been alters. Batman was Now Thomas Wayne, the mugger had killed Bruce in that ally. And it led Thomas to don the cape and cowl, while Martha Wayne went insane and became the joker. Atlantis and Themyscira were at war after Diana and Aquaman had sex and when his wife found it, she ended up being beheaded in a duel with Diana. The world had gone to hell, and all because Barry wanted to be with his mother.

All that is going to have to be exercised because they can’t bring in heroes like Batman, or Wonder Woman. We’ll never get the amazing scene when Bruce reads the note from his father and cries. That alone should be enough to tell you why we NEED other heroes for this story. It not enough to just have the Flash, maybe with brief cameos from other heroes in the franchise.

On a whole season 2 was a disappointment, it had amazing potential but threw too much at the screen and ended stupidly. also bare in mind, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are running along side this show. Are they going to change too? Has Barry’s actions wiped out the 4 years the Arrow has been running? Did the writers even THINK about where they were doing?

I don’t know, roll on season 3, I’d say it can’t be worse than season 2. but I don’t want to jinx in.