The Flash – Season 2

I love The Flash. he’s DC’s version of Spider-Man. He’s a wising cracking positivity machine is red, just without the power and responsibility thing being forced down your through every 5 minutes.

In the Justice League Cartoon and Justice League Unlimited, while I felt he was underused he still got is share of amazing badass moments. Fighting Justice Lord Superman, ripping Brainiac out of Lex Luthor. Just about the entirety of the episode Flash and Substance. While I’ve read very little of The Flash comic wise, his TV appearance cemented him as an amazing character and hero to me.

So, when it was announced he was getting his own live action show I was genuinely excited. When I found out they were going to Barry Allen as the Flash not Wally West. You know what, I didn’t might. Flash is a legacy hero. While most of my exposure has been Wally West, I was more than willing to give another character a chance to show what the speedster can do.

The first episode aired: Baring a couple of dumb moment and my initial dislike of how the actor looking in the suit. As a whole I liked it.

The first season: Really good, a couple of hiccups here and there but it was a good season… but it ended on a cliff-hanger. I’ve talked before about how much I hate cliff-hanger endings. It’s like seeing a really nice cake. Not perfect, but very good. Only to see that someone pushed they face into it. It’s still edible, but it’s quality has been undeniably tainted.

The season 2 rolled around. Season 2 had some great ideas, like introducing the multiverse, Earth Two, etc. Potential unbound. However, in season 2 we got Zoom, Reverse Flash, Jay Garret, Wally West, Jesse Quick, and who I think was meant to be a version of Lady Flash, in the same season. While West and Quick weren’t speedsters it did give the impression that they were throwing everything and anything at the screen just to say: “look look, they were in the comics! We have them too!” Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many Flashes ruin the Speed Force.

Then… oh boy… then we got “time remnants” What is a essentially a get out of jail free card for the show in terms of character death, something that they use unabashedly this season. Without explaining how that paradox worked, just hand waving it away.

And then the ending oh god, the ending. It’s a cliff-hanger. No, I don’t care they knew they were getting a new season. cliff-hangers are the scum of media since 90% of the time a cliff-hanger will be used without any idea how to resolve it. The ending itself seems to show that they are going to do The Flashpoint Paradox. I never read the FP comic but did see the amazing animated movie version, something I highly recommend people check out.

However! I honestly don’t think it can be done without bringing in other heroes. What made FP so engaging (at least to me) was seeing how other fates as well as Barry’s had been alters. Batman was Now Thomas Wayne, the mugger had killed Bruce in that ally. And it led Thomas to don the cape and cowl, while Martha Wayne went insane and became the joker. Atlantis and Themyscira were at war after Diana and Aquaman had sex and when his wife found it, she ended up being beheaded in a duel with Diana. The world had gone to hell, and all because Barry wanted to be with his mother.

All that is going to have to be exercised because they can’t bring in heroes like Batman, or Wonder Woman. We’ll never get the amazing scene when Bruce reads the note from his father and cries. That alone should be enough to tell you why we NEED other heroes for this story. It not enough to just have the Flash, maybe with brief cameos from other heroes in the franchise.

On a whole season 2 was a disappointment, it had amazing potential but threw too much at the screen and ended stupidly. also bare in mind, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are running along side this show. Are they going to change too? Has Barry’s actions wiped out the 4 years the Arrow has been running? Did the writers even THINK about where they were doing?

I don’t know, roll on season 3, I’d say it can’t be worse than season 2. but I don’t want to jinx in.


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