Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (Spoilers Aplenty)

Okay, I have to get this off my chest now or I’ll lose my mind and start yelling at someone I care about.

I like most of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, (shortened here on in as MEC.) it evoked the feel and fun of the original but on a grander scale, it was fun.

Until that goddamn piece of shit end game. And I’m not even talking about the ending, we’ll get to that. No I’m talking about turning Faith’s sister into a fucking villain!

In the first game Faith’s entire reason for doing what she did was to prove her sisters innocence. She loved her sister and didn’t want to see her hurt, or worse, killed.

In MEC see thought she was dead and it turns out the daughter of the antagonist is in fact, her sister. WHAT THE FUCK!

No seriously, I can’t get over this, it pisses me off to no end. I love the game, except for everything after that moment. Not only did I see in coming a mile off. but both Faith’s and Cat’s reaction to discovered that each other is alive after thinking they were dead is almost none existent.

Then that ending hits and the two finally get a confrontation and… it’s as cliché as they come. Cat’s end up flying away and become HEAD OF THE CORPERATION THAT FAITH IS FIGHTING AGAINST!

They literally took the story of two loving sisters on opposite ends of the law, who would STILL do anything to protect one another, shat on it, and made them enemies!

It pains me, just outright HURTS me to think of that ending because of how much I love the original. If I ever want to pick up MEC again and run some more. (Something I can’t do in real life, thank you vicarious living hahaha.) I’m going to have to try and come to terms with that ending, but I’m not sure if I can. I was fine with every other change the game threw at me. I liked Plastic, Icarus was a dick at first (and I thought he was going to turn out to be a double agent of some sort.) but he did win me over in the end. But Cat as a villain… I can’t buy that. Especially due to her role in the first game, why couldn’t we have the Conner’s sisters kicking ass together. Was it really too much to ask?


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