The “I’m British therefore legally obliged to talk about the referendum” post.

I’m not calling it Brexit, fuck off.

I voted leave, I’m not hiding it. I do not trust the EU and think we should stand on our own, even if it fails it is something we must try. I’m not against immigration, as is can bring in skills set and labour into the country. Though I would like to see a reduction in illegal immigration.

That out the way I want to tell a story.

Before the referendum I was proud to be British. I saw the British people as better, not superior, just better. Best example of this is Black Friday, when I saw they were trying to bring it over here. I thought “there’s no way it’s catch on, we’re not the type of people who trample each other for a sale.”

Yeah, my vision of the British people took a hit that year. But was partially reclaimed the year after when it seemed like we had seen ourselves the year before and declared: “never again.” like we collectively decided that 20% off wasn’t worth our dignity.

So, when the referendum rolled around I cast my vote by post, ignoring most of the campaigns cause political campaigns are always bullshit. And the day after voting day I woke up to find leave won. Didn’t expect it, but I was happy.

Now, I expected Britain, as a nation, to say: “Okay, we’re leaving the EU lets roll up our sleeves and make sure we show the world that Britain is deserving of the title: Great!” I expected the remain camp to be sore, but hey, we’re British, if something doesn’t go our way, we take it on the chin, stiffen our lips and roll on.

48 hours after vote, I no longer though the British people were better.
48 hours after the vote, I was ashamed to ever say that they were.

In the 48 to 72 hour after the referendum I saw NOTHING but whining petulant little bitches who were so butthurt that people not only voted contrary to their opinions, but in fact there was more of that side than theirs.

In the past few days my facebook feed has been filled with whining cunts preaching messages of doom and calling anyone who voted to leave an idiot, a racist, etc etc.

I’ve seen people whose opinion’s I (somewhat) trust, spout absolute bullshit, giving no rational comments just baseless doom saying.

This vote has brought out the worst in the British people. And the reaction to the result has outright killed my vision of them.

You might think it was an idealistic view. But I don’t care, it was a view I had that made me proud to be British. I was British, I was a member of a people who took adversity in it stride. Who even at their lowest would still offer a guest a cup of tea, because it was the polite thing to do.

All I have to say now is: thank you remain camp. Thank you for killing my perception that the people of Britain were truly deserving of the word great. You’re behaviour have woken me up. The British people are just another bunch of whining self entitled cunts who throw their toys out the pram if they don’t get their own way.

Well. Fucking. Done.


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