Smurfs: The Lost Village – A suprisingly good film.

The title lays it bare really. Smurfs and Smurfs 2 were god awful pieces of shit. I, like most people, put this down to bring them into the “real world”. Off the top of my head the only movie I knew where that worked was Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.

However, I always said that the Smurfs COULD work as a movie is they stayed in their own world and was fully CG. Hell they even had a really good story idea in Smurfs 2 with Smurfette’s origin.

Well low and behold, Lost Village, fully CG movie that deals with Smurfette’s origin, and it was good.

Honestly genuinely impressed me that they just made a fun movie, they didn’t even ham fist a message into it.,(save for one line at the VERY end), but as eye rolling as that was I’ll let it slide cause it does kind of work in world.

All in all, I had a low expectation of the movie, I saw the trailer and honestly, wrote it off. I only bought it cause it was cheap and I was curious, glad to see that in this case, I was wrong.


Why Suicide Squad?

This has bugged me for a while now, why did they make a Suicide Squad movie?

DC wanted they own Guardian’s of the Galaxy correct? So why Suicide Squad? Why not Teen Titans?

Seriously, Teen titan’s makes a million times more sense. I even have the set up.

Amanda Waller wants a team that can go up again the next superman if they’re evil. She she get Maxwell Lord the create the Titans program. It aim’s the set up a group of teen as a superhero group.

He seeks out and recruits Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven, as well as Starfire who the government discovered and have as a prisoner. Bruce Wayne, smelling something fish with Lord influences his to also take on Nightwing.

Second act ends with the Titans discovering the truth and abandoning lord and by proxy Waller. Who in retaliation unleashes a very dangerous villain they had locked away on the off chance the Titan’s turned on them.

So you have batman cameo via nightwing, eye candy via starfire, visual effects award chance with BB, oh and it introduces Cyborg to the universe prior to his justice league appearance, thus having 1 less hero to explain.

The real kicker with this one, had they gone with Titans, the second movie… DEATHSTROKE!

Why I can’t watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them again.

Okay, I thought Fantastic Beasts was a pretty good movie. I’ve already spoken about my hatred for prequels, but they is sort of done right. While we know the ultimate fate of Grindelwald. Everyone else around him is a new character, so we don’t know how it ends for them.

However, they is one scene, just one, that infuriates me so much I have no drive to ever which the movie again. It’s not the ending, it’s not some form of humour derived from embarrassment, no.

It’s the god damn execution scene!

Oh sweet jesus that scene boils my blood. When I saw it I was screaming at the screen. Texting my girlfriend as it happened. I was enraged.

And it wasn’t the fact that they had a death penalty. It was the way they carry out that sentence in the film… barbaric isn’t a term I’d use because it’s too nice!

They effectively trick a person into LOWERING THEMSELVES into a pool of living death. They pull their memories out which putting them into what I can only describe as a dazed trance and urge them to lower themselves into the pool where their memories are!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the bitch that was urging the character into the pool did so WITH A SMILE OR HER FACE! “Doesn’t that look good!” Was her exact comment.


I’m not saying they should use the killing curse, believe it or not I do understand the reason why that’s not used. But that style of execution… It’s akin to drugging someone and egging them on to kill themselves, and doing so with a smile. It’s not something a person should ever do.

And I know; “it’s just a movie.” yeah yeah, I get it. But it’s a scene that has made the movie hard, if not impossible to rewatch. Delores Umbridge will forever be the Potter character I hate the most, but miss “Doesn’t that look good!” is a close second. Anyone that can carry out THAT form of execution with a smile on there face… Voldemort is evil, she is worse.

Ghost in the Shell – Box Office Flop?

The box office failure of Ghost in the Shell had nothing to do with Scarlet Johansson as the lead. Anyone that watched/read GitS understood that the ethnicity of the Major’s “shell” was inconsequential. No, it’s failure comes from the fact that animation (east AND west) is notoriously difficult to adapt to live action. And the fact they tried to adapt from the MOVIE of GitS. Which, in reality was not a good film.
Had they not focused on the Major, done a proper detective plot with section 9 and featured the Tachikoma’s. I think it would have done a lot better.
Full disclaimer: No I haven’t seen the film, I really don’t want to since the trailers make it look wholly unappealing.

This is me after finally watching The Book of Life.

So many years ago I heard about an animation called The Book of Life. It looked bright and colourful, though not the sort of thing I’d watch in the cinema.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago I was in the mood to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 again, and before the movie started there was a trailer for The Book of Life, and I remembered that it look good, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it.

Today… well technically yesterday, I was out shopping and I saw the movie for £3, instantly I snapped it up.

Oh boy, I’m glad I did, I’m ashamed it took me so long to see this movie, it was AMAZING!

Normally if I buy a DVD it’ll sit in a ‘to be watched’ pile for a very long time. This time though I decided to watch it same day I bought it, a rarity for me.

I really don’t want to talk about the plot, it’s good, but it’s more that atmosphere that grabbed me, the colours, the music, the art style, even the framing device just grabbed me pretty much straight away. It was energetic, emotional, and SO much fun to watch.

Movie’s like this are why I love animation so much.

The bit that really caught me off guard was when one of the three leads, a Matador, starts singing. now you’d think since this a tale of Mexico that he’d sing some Mexican folk music or something… NO he starts singing Creep by Radiohead! It blew my mind! Most of the sung music was contemporary songs and it was amazing!

I’m a fan of Guillermo Del Toro, he produced the movie. While he didn’t direct it, his trademark are all over this movie. But to be honest that just makes it more awesome to me.

If you haven’t seen this film, please check it out. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but I do think the movie should get some love. It should be remembered.

Star Trek – Horizon

With the latest news about Star trek – Axanar I decided to rewatch Prelude to Axanar, which is an amazing 20 minute short.

Because of this the fan film Star Trek – Horizon, appeared in my recommended lists on YouTube and I decided to check it out.

Being critical of a Fan film for me is akin to judging a baby who’s trying to walk, you know they’re giving it their all and you feel guilty for judging them. As such I’m not going to be as harsh as I would for a normal movie.

Let me start with a big positive. The space CGI was AMAZING, the quality of it was sublime. Really well made, fluid. Easily something a TV Show or movie would have. The alien world they go to, I loved its look, the different colours of the plants, a simple yet effective way to show that it was an alien world, really good.

The acting… was okay, really this is one point I’m willing to over look due to it being a fan film. The actors were trying, and while some of it was clunky, (the fire fights scenes spring to mind here), it didn’t take away from the movie.

There was however one big issue the movie had, and it was a distracting one: The green screens.

Okay, so I said the space based CGI was amazing, cause it was. but any scene that had human actors in front of a green screen just did not work, and it’s not even due to bad green screen. I’ve seen much worth in much more expensive movies.

No, the flaw here is that most of the time, when the actors are in front of a green screen the camera seemed to go into soft focus. I’d hazard a guess as it being a way to make the green screening look better? But the shift was massively distracting.

The other issue I has was that just about every conversation was near close up, very few wide shots. Again, fan film, I can technically understand why. But it was still massively distracting especially since near everyone delivered their lines with the top of their heads cut off.

I actually really liked this film, honestly it felt like a TV show pilot, and a good one at that. It wasn’t perfect, and if a sequel happened I’d like to see the crew be a bit more ambitious with the camera work, and the soft focus green screens toned back. But I would certainly give a sequel a look.

Good work to all involved.

I’m not going to post the movie here as if you’re going to see it you should do so via YouTube not here, but I am going to post a trailer.